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Introduction to Futian Education

  1.Education Scale:There are 84 primary and secondary schools in the whole district, including 69 public primary and secondary schools, 15 private primary and secondary schools, and 150 kindergartens. There are 132,000 students and 9,700 teaching and administrative staff in both public and private primary and secondary schools in the whole district, and 46,000 children and 7,500 teaching and administrative staff in the kindergartens. 100 percent of the schools for compulsory education in the district are standard schools, with regular senior secondary schools and vocational senior secondary schools which are classified as model senior secondary schools at the national level in Guangdong province.
  2.Outstanding Performance:In December 2010, Futian district passed the appraisal and election of “District that is Foremost in the Promotion of Educational Modernization in Guangdong Province” with its high quality. In 2011, Futian district became the third “Comprehensive Model Experimental District for Basic Education Internationalization” in the country. In 2012, Futian district was the only district in Shenzhen “National Family Education Model District” elected by the Ministry of Education, the National Women's Federation and the Civilization Office of the Central Government. In 2013, the mechanism innovation of entrusted management of public school (Reform of Mingde Experimental School) was jointly elected by China Education News and China Education News Network to win the Excellence Award of the Third National Education Reform and Innovation Competition that. In 2014, the “Basic Education Internationalization Research Center” of the China Education Association set up its base in Futian district. At the same time, our district also became the sixth “Safety Education Experimental District” in the country. In 2015, our district passed with excellent marks in supervision and assessment of “Basically Balanced District for Compulsory Education Development” at the national level.