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Estonian Ancient Orchestra Attended Music Feast in Shangsha Middle School





  In the afternoon of November 25, 2016, Shangsha Middle School ushered a group of special guests, who have blond hair and blue eyes, with unusual musical instruments. Yes, this is the Estonian Ancient Orchestra! They uphold the concepts of "Enjoy Life, More Happiness" and "My Type My show", and dedicated a medieval music event across national boundaries and across the time for the school teachers and students. The third-grade students and choir players, student union members under the teacher's organization have the honor to listen to the music feast, to feel the charm close to the western ancient music.

  The event is hosted by Shenzhen Futian District Propaganda Department (Sports Bureau), contracted by Shenzhen Changyue Culture Communication Co., Ltd., co-hosted by Shangsha Middle School and fully founded by Futian District propaganda career development special funds, to support the "Futian cultural space" activities and put up a bridge across time and space.

  During the activities, the four artists of Estonian played the Estampier dance of "Dance of the Clevy Region", "Belica", and other eight pieces of music, leading teachers and students to savor the medieval exotic secret, the profound art of the intoxicated, and enjoy the master’s pure playing technology. The gentle theme of the whole play made time slow down, and made teachers and students back to the ancient years, in the quiet tidy thoughts, washing impetuous and savor life. During the break, the master introduced the special features of the medieval flute, chime, harp, string drum, and so on. At the end of the play, the student representatives took the stage to bring flowers to the art masters, and the teachers and students took pictures with the artists.

  Music is not limited within national boundaries, and it is the spiritual dedication of each musician, the heart of the feeling of transmission to the viewer. This event, with its new and unique form, brings different feelings to children, promotes the improvement of students' musical attainments, and is welcomed by the parents of teachers and students. (Dong Xueyan Duan Kunlun Chen Yiqui)