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A New Chapter in International Education Between Two Cities: A Delegation from Togliatti Visited Futian






  It's a pleasure to have friends come from afar. Recently, Futian District’s sister city - Russia's Togliatti delegation visited Futian District. As early as in 2011, Futian District had cooperated with Togliatti in the field of education, and at present 7 schools had formed sister schools. In 2015, the conclusion of sister school between Mingde Experimental School and the No.57 School of Samara state marks a new climax of educational cooperation between the two cities. Recently, the visit of delegation of Togliatti has opened a new chapter in the international education of Futian.

  On November 8th-9th, accompanied by relevant leaders from Futian District Education Bureau and District Government Educational Supervision Room, the delegation visited the senior middle school of Hongling Middle School and Mingde Experimental School and held seminars respectively.

  With the opening of the student’s creative games at Hongling Middle School, guests of the Togliatti delegation visited the opening ceremony of the creative games, jointly attended by teachers, students and parents, accompanied by Zhang, President of Hongling Middle School. At the symposium, the two sides held a lively discussion and exchanged views on future cooperation. The District Education committee Secretary Zeng Chongfu, deputy investigator of District Educational Bureau Wen Yuan, District faculty Dean Guo Qijun and other guests also attended the symposium.

  In Mingde Experimental School, the delegation of Togliatti, guided by the principal Cheng Hongbing, visited the school’s reading room, sculpture room, painting room and school garden, and made simple communication with some student representatives in Russian and English. At the later meeting of the two sides, Cheng introduced the school-running system, the concept of running schools and the school curriculum, and looked forward to more exchanges with Togliatti education in the future. In his speech, the deputy mayor of the Russian delegation expressed praising on the school-running system, campus culture, curriculum construction and the performance of the students, and said that Togliatti would strengthen the teaching of Chinese language and culture and hope to further cooperate with the teachers and students in Futian’s schools.

  Futian District and Russian Togliatti City have had many friendly exchanges. The visit of the delegation of Togliatti, on the basis of the original friendly exchanges, further widened the field of cooperation with Futian District, developed a rich cooperation project and discussed the prospect of broader cooperation. At the same time, Futian District also hopes that the two places will join hands to expand more comprehensive exchanges in the field of education.