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Work with Chinese Educational Science Research Institute to Build the Comprehensive Educational Reform Experimental Zone




  In the morning of February 27, the Chinese Educational Science Research Institute and Shenzhen Futian District People's Government cooperated to build a comprehensive educational reform experimental zone with signing ceremony held in Futian Hall ceremoniously. The two sides are guided by the principle of "focusing on problems, highlighting key points, project-driven, and highlighting characteristics" and established strategic cooperative relations. The dean of Chinese Educational Science Research Institute Tian Huisheng and vice president Liu Jianfeng, head of the People’s Government of Futian District Gao Shengyuan, deputy head Meng Man attended the ceremony. Director of Chinese Educational Science Research Institute Yu Fayou, vice director Jiang Zhifeng, the director of International and Comparative Education Wang Su and experts, and more than 300 educational colleagues from the district attended the ceremony.

  The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides, will carry out in-depth research, close cooperation to promote the common development of both sides in the field of school governance structure reform, new brand school construction, future school construction, education Internationalization, quality promotion, the new curriculum system construction and implementation, high quality classroom creation, education reform experience and achievement summary.

  The signing ceremony was presided over by Tian Hongming, director of Education Bureau of Futian District. Head of the district Gao Shengyuan and dean Tian Huisheng made speech respectively. Liu Jianfeng and Meng Man on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Education and the Futian District People's Government respectively signed the strategic cooperation agreement; Tian Huisheng, Liu Jianfeng, Gao Shengyuan and Meng Man jointly witnessed the opening of the experimental area.

  Head of Futian District Gao Shengyuan said that the Futian District Party 7th congress determined the goal of "establishment of new benchmark for the best district, speed up the completion of the first-class international city". The best district should provide the best education. Futian District would continue to strive to be a basic education leader in comprehensive reform. China Educational Science Research Institute is a comprehensive educational research institution directly under the Ministry of Education, and it is a national think tank. He pointed out, "We cooperate to build a comprehensive education reform experimental area, and will further improve Futian education to make it stand at the forefront in ability and level. We will set up a model of comprehensive education reform in the country, effectively benefiting the people of the area."

  Tian Huisheng said in his speech, the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences Institute attaches great importance to the cooperation with the Futian District Government, and will work to combine the good foundation of Futian education, the regional characteristics and the intellectual resources of the Chinese Academy of Education, as well as the useful experience of deepening the comprehensive reform of the region, adhere to the construction, overall promotion, scientific research leading, innovation and development, and work together with colleagues of Futian District Education to deepen the comprehensive reform of Futian District education, to enhance the development of educational connotation, to create a new pattern, new experience, new achievements in Futian education.

  The signing of this cooperation agreement signifies that the comprehensive reform of Futian education will embark on a new journey. Futian District will make use of the scientific research advantages, resource advantages and platform advantages of the Chinese Academy of Education to further promote the development during the 13th Five-Year Plan, accelerate the construction of connotation, and improve the quality of education. On the other hand, Futian District will provide an excellent educational research base and soil for the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences.

  The strategic cooperation between the two sides is to meet the requirements of the new situation of education development, to carry out the National Medium- and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan and the Opinions on the Opening up of Education in the New Period, so as to promote the balanced development of education and improve the quality of education.

  With this cooperation platform, Futian District will take "Best district, best education" as the goal, with the comprehensive reform of the country to deepen the overall requirements of the education sector as a guide, to achieve the integration between high-end education scientific research and education, by means of the scientific research advantages of national education think-tank, focusing on the "seven reform tasks", improving the quality and level of education in Futian, and striving to become a strong educational area leading the development of the national education reform. It has become a strong education area matching with "first-class International city". It becomes the demonstration area and sample of the regional promotion education reform in our country.

  After the signing ceremony, Tian Huisheng also made a special report on the current situation, trend and key task of curriculum reform in China.

  Futian District will take the opportunity of signing the framework agreement of "cooperative and joint education reform experimental area", and make new steps on the road of educational reform and development. (Text/Yan Huimin   Image/Zhang Bin)