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Create First-Class Benchmark to Build "Shenzhen Quality" of Futian Education






Principals and friends,

  Although this meeting is an annual regular session, it is the most important meeting of the education system of the district held every year. The district government also attaches great importance to this meeting, and secretary Yafei and district head Shengyuan have been briefed in advance. Today, secretary Yafei takes part in the meeting and made speech in person, provided the clear objectives, direction for the development of education of Futian District. I hope that we will earnestly learn to understand and resolutely implement them. Let me make a few comments for reference.

  I. 2016 Work review on Education of Futian District

  Under the strong leadership of the district government, around protecting the academic degree, focusing on quality, reform and promoting fairness, the education system of our district strives to improve work style, innovation and development, and successfully completed the objectives set at the beginning of the year, achieved the good start of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and advanced in solid pace in the promotion of the Central District education to establish a new ecological path. They are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

  1. The reform road is clearer. The 13th Five-Year Plan is launched, and the Suggestions on Implementation of Deepening Comprehensive Reform of Education in Futian District are formulated after research. We pay attention to the top design of reform and make it clear the education focuses. From nine-year curriculum to direct admission with the adjacent schools, from the promotion of group education to the exploration of institutional mechanisms for innovation, especially the establishment of League on Creating New Brand Schools in the traditional urban villages, we received broad praising. This is the outcome of the reform of the supply side of education.

  2. The quality of education is improved effectively. In 2016’s college entrance examination, there were many highlights in senior middle schools in our district. Students who entered key universities have passed the line of a thousand, with the number being 1,199 and the rate is 5.4% higher than the previous year; 2,667 students passed the score line for undergraduate program, with the rate increased by 7.81% compared with the previous year. In Hongling Middle School, 4 students entered Tsinghua University or Peking University; a top scorer who enrolled in Communication University of China was from Futian Middle School. 7 vocational school students’ score passed 400, among whom, 4 students were from Huaqiang Occupation Technical School.

  3. The guarantee ability continuously to be enhanced. The degree expansion reached expectations, construction of new school is accelerated, the construction standards of the expansion schools are improved and education fairness continues to be promoted. Over the past one year, we have strengthened our judgment on the situation, paid attention to and responded to social concerns, focused on the guidance of the public opinion, managed and resolved some unexpected events, and solved some of the hot and difficult issues that the masses have long been concerned about. We have been patient to maintain the bottom line of the business apartment. We have taken the overall situation, wisdom and creativity to resolve the contradiction on the quit of schools in the construction process. We are responsible and responsive to the expansion of the enrolment plan for the city schools in the area. Overall, maintain the harmony and stability in the education system of the whole district, in order to make a contribution to serve the overall region. The construction of "safe campus" has received new results.

  4. The overall promotion of education reputation. The education department’s awareness to serve the grass-roots schools is enhanced. Schools are more satisfied with educational institutions; the study and execution of the headmaster's team is further enhanced; the brother districts admire principals of our district and the self-confidence and pride of the teachers are improved. A series of reform measures and the achievements of the school in reform of education of Futian District obtained media’s attention, tracking and praise, which shows the pertinence and effectiveness of the work, releases the vitality of development, shows a stronger rise trend in the situation, and receives good social response.

  In retrospect to 2016, my general feeling is: There are more difficulties than expected and the results are better than expected. The vast number of educators worked hard, united together and spent a lot of efforts. Here, on behalf of the Education Bureau, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the principals, staffs in charge of the education administration and teachers.

  II. How to view the situation we face and the historical mission we should undertake

  Futian Education has established a new higher goal, cleared the main task, direction focuses, but it should also first fully understand and face the current opportunities and challenges.

  One is the challenge of tightening policy. A lot of things that can be done before now cannot be done. So striving for policy is no better than changing the thinking ways and coping with it wisely.

  The second is the challenge from the new demands of the times. Educational attention is extremely high, the risk increases and the pressure is enormous. The performance salary, the title appraisal, and the power insufficiency of teachers cause the headmaster’s management ability to be challenged.

  The third is the challenge from the high expectations of society. There is a gap between schools. The phenomenon of school choices is very prominent. Shenzhen citizen's expectations on education are high, their requirements on schools are harsh, and social and media’s awareness on the education industry is misplaced.

  We should not only solve the realistic contradictions now, but also grasp the needs of the future, to make a preliminary judgment on the education needs in the future.

  What kind of people will society need in the future? In the future, socio-economic development requires highly skilled personnel with the ability to solve high-end problems.

  Key competencies to be developed in future education include:

  1. Ability to solve problems together

  2. Key competencies of globalization (global communication capacity, intercultural understanding, global vision or thinking, respect for diversity or inclusiveness)

  3. Active learning ability

  People who can independently explore life, grasp the direction of the qualification and ability, and his or her critical thinking ability and active learning habits.

  One problem to be solved in basic education is that students' enthusiasm for learning decreases with the increase of age.

  III. Objectives of Futian education in 2017

  Futian education should make better and faster steps towards a higher goal in the new year! Set up the new ecology of Futian education expected by Shenzhen citizens, set up a new benchmark for the quality of education in Shenzhen and build the "quality of Shenzhen" in Futian education.

  First, it should be based on the whole practice of Futian education. We should look forward to the overall layout of Futian education, strengthen the top-level design to synthesize the strategy and advance in steady and fast steps.

  Second, based on the development reality of every school to help the new, excellent, the one who need help and the specialized ones, to make overall plans and take all factors into consideration.

  Third, we should base on the fundamental task of "formulating ideology and educating people", the key of which is to refine, materialize and crystallize the core values of socialism into students' core accomplishment and academic quality.

  IV. key tasks in 2017 Futian education

  Minister of Education Ministry - Chen Baosheng:

  Work on "learning". Actively promote the new ideas of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and to integrate the political and administrative principles and new strategies into teaching materials, into the classroom, into the mind, and effectively use the party's theoretical innovation to fill teachers and students mind and to promote work in practice.

  Brainstorm on “planning”. With the overall situation in heart, look at the world, respect the grassroots and follow the rules.

  Make a real move on “reality”. The policy must be real, the responsibility must be real and the supervision must be real.

  Seek initiative on "fight". Actively strive for support from party committee government, department and society.

  Make movements on "steady". Grasp the ideology, campus security, public opinion guidance work, to ensure the fully implementation of job responsibilities and tasks.

  2017 is determined by the Municipal party committee as "City Quality Improvement Year". Shenzhen is entering the key period to build its quality brand and education is the same. Therefore, we should implement the leader’s requirements with more strong responsibility, more positive attitude, and better style. Not only to accept new ideas but also to establish new ideas, not only to select new strategies but also to form a new breakthrough. Build a new ecology and create a new scenario.

  The key strategic measures of the reform and development of Futian education should be put into practice to establish a new benchmark: The macro-strategy takes out new design, deepens the new progress of the reform, and shows the new effect of quality improvement.

  Fully implement the Party's education policy, and earnestly respond to the expectations of the masses. Insist on grasping development to promote balance, grasp reform and innovation system, grasp safety to carry out responsibility, grasp the quality to improve the whole situation, grasp the improvement style of party building, pioneer and be innovative, actively seek progress in steady process.

  It will be focused on the following six areas:

  First, firmly put the main responsibility in place. Make the four consciousnesses throughout the whole work, to promote the strict governance of the party, and to guarantee the main responsibility.

  1. Further standardize the enrollment of primary and secondary schools, improve the quality of enrollment in the compulsory education stage, strictly implement the sunshine enrollment, and solve the issue of proper handling of Hong Kong and Macao students studying in Shenzhen.

  2. Centralized school materials procurement: Implementation "Shenzhen education system procurement management measures" and "Shenzhen primary and secondary school canteen management measures".

  3. Strengthen the budget management: Promote financial informationization, build the education fund management and financial decision-making analysis system, strengthen the "three public" expenditure management, strengthen the budget implementation, strengthen the budget performance evaluation and the results of the application and improve the management system. Implement the professional promotion plan for accountants.

  4. Continue to organize the audit work, coordinate the rectification of the audit findings, strengthen the audit of large-scale funds, internal control and other key links, explore the performance audit, and promote the transformation of education internal audit from the traditional error-checking to the internal management of the service-oriented and improve the efficiency of funds use.

  5. Formulate and promote "Implementation plan on anti-corruption risk prevention and control in Futian education system", build the risk control system of "early warning, monitoring and disposal", and further improve the school integrity risk prevention and control mechanism.

  6. Further optimize the work style of the organs, create service-oriented organs, and create the atmosphere to take responsibilities; focus on raising awareness, to improve the mechanism. From the strengthening of supervision to earnestly carry out the main responsibility for a clean party style.

  I would also like to stress on the issue of clean government. Regarding the education system's party conduct and clean government, please always tighten the integrity of self-discipline, to maintain a clear mind, not only to deepen the comprehensive reform in the field of education designers, but also to be political sober, and strive to do good things, be hard working in building Futian education’s quality!

  Second, further improve the social satisfaction. We need attention here, the satisfaction of the school is reflected to the enrollment rate, ranking, image, reputation and service. We have to think about how to grasp the satisfaction instead of the enrollment rate. Changing the status of the school begins with the headmaster's attention to social satisfaction. Making our school recognized by more common people is a major direction of our work.

  Focus on image. Overcome the original constraints and construct schools based on high standards; attach importance to the explicit culture construction.

  Focus on propaganda, this is called virtual work. I don't think there is a headmaster who doesn't pay attention to publicity. Get your school's "good sides" spread out. Learn from the school’s experiences, find the school’s advantages to make the public and parents moved by the school principal and teachers and release the brand demonstration force. Especially in Futian education, we should show the action experience and results of carrying out empirical research and initiative change based on green index.

  The school should explore the new path in the social propaganda aspect, but also gather the wisdom in the public opinion and the response to public opinion, strengthen the school propaganda, organize business study training and the experience exchange activity. Raise the level of the spokesperson. Strengthen and improve the management of public opinion in education. Raise the level of public opinion disposal in the whole district’s education system.

  In practice, we make an integration on the concept, teaching, curriculum, soul, teachers, management and characteristics, and put forward the school's new action strategy. Combine summary, edge research and action, and make improvement based on the green indicators of school. In accordance with the "one-school-one policy" approach, the Bureau will give greater input and support. Organize special seminar activities and hold on-the-spot meetings. Launch several groups of project schools. Guide the project school to select and refine its own school experience and to form a case study. Promote the sharing of project school experience.

  We not only create "new brand schools" in the village, and spread out the good schools with ordinary conditions, without distinguish between students or migrant children, but also optimize the upgrading of private education, speed up the promotion of private primary and secondary schools to improve the overall quality of education and to promote the development of high-quality and features of private schools. Huaqiang Occupation Technical School seeks new growth point in curriculum integration, practice training and foreign cooperation. The development of preschool education norms continues to make the solid foundation of basic education.

  This year, we will also complete the Innovation District with responsibility inspectors in national primary and secondary schools and the re-evaluation of education modernization of advanced areas.

  The third is to deepen the comprehensive reform of education. We all know that the current education reform is in the "deep waters" and "critical period". Delicious meat has been eaten, and the rest are hard to chew. Only by strategic thinking system planning, grasping the key points, the release of location advantages, talent advantages and management advantages, the school can achieve reform results.

  1. Explore the school-running system mechanism innovation, and actively and steadily promote the level of modern school governance. Do a good job in implementing the school charter, to strengthen the system of managing schools according to law, to carry out the series of "Modern School System", to carry out the modern school system and to build advanced school work; school foundation can be established to reward students and teachers.

  2. Accelerate the group-built education, promote the alliance-style, collectivization group development, establish regional and external primary and secondary school development community, and expand the coverage of quality resources. The city is studying the establishment of a group of school-sponsoring system support policy, to coordinate the related establishment of issues in group-built education, at the same time, the new school must introduce famous schools.

  3. According to the new characteristics of the future development of basic education in our country, carry out the deep exploration to the curriculum reform of the school, pay attention to connotation, construct the curriculum standard system based on the core accomplishment and the new era, promote the initiative learning and cultivate the ability quality. Cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Education, and build the curriculum quality standard system, improve the comprehensive quality evaluation level, and build the future school.

  4. Further promote International cooperation and exchanges in education. Fulfill "belt and road" related work to promote the development of high-end and high-quality international schools, expand education and cooperation channels of international exchanges.

  The fourth is to build a first-class team. First of all, teachers are the source of teaching and education. In order to improve the core competitiveness of education, it is necessary to speed up the creating of a team of quality teachers with good ideology and strong professional ability.

  We should extract the core values of Futian teachers, optimize the new mechanism on teachers' training, build a new version of teachers' development, do well in the building of excellent teachers, realize the future teacher training, share the elite teachers, pioneer the school party members, and foster the better by the most excellent people. Of course, we also have to use more active ways to strive for more resources, implement innovative methods on teacher treatment, and stimulate the new vitality of education.

  At the same time, we also need to implement the supervision on "Shenzhen teachers' moral file management provisions" to improve the quantitative assessment system. Set up a theme column of teacher's ethics in the "Futian education" WeChat platform.

  According to the Implementation of Shenzhen Public Primary and Secondary Schools on Purchasing Education Service, make reform on personnel management mode of the public primary and secondary school supernumerary and allocation method of personnel funds. The establishment of new extension school is approved in advance and more efficient management is realized with more reasonable arranging. According to the Work Plan of Solve the Problem of the Temporary Employment of Teachers in Public Primary and Secondary Schools in Shenzhen, the management of the real name system of the existing teachers is properly diverted through open recruitment, no renewal, and conversion to purchase services, so as to resolve new unstable factors in the field of education.

  Implement the Shenzhen Public Primary and Secondary School Principals Rank System Management Measures, implement the school principals’ reading plan, and establish upgrade channels for principals ability. Vigorously promote the training of principals: Through the establishment of "outstanding middle-level cadres - reserve principals - vice president – principal - excellent principal" training system; solve the problem of serious lag in the construction of school cadres.

  Futian needs more and more good principals, who have a clear goal of educating people, reasonable organization and management methods, practical spirit and rigorous working attitude, can work together with the school development, and lead the school to excellence.

  Futian education should have a group of outstanding principals and teachers with vision, broad mind, wisdom, a strong educational pursuit and a unique educational insight, who can make Futian education full of vitality.

  The fifth is to innovate our education actions. In the past one year, the establishment of Futian education branch has been paid close attention to and witnessed heated discussion by all social and district education peers. I have long underlined that the Department of Education needs de-administration and needs to set up professional authority and reputation with performance. Promote the level of "research, guidance and service" of the Futian District Educational Research Institute, emphasis on action, and on action research. Because returning to the original point of education, along with the educational action research carried out by the logic of its own practice and the reform to the application of educational theory and the improvement of the ability and level of instructing education through empirical research can give the most powerful intellectual support to educational action.

  For example, Shenzhen needs to continue to increase the "network classroom" resources construction efforts, the construction of "three links two platform", "intelligent campus", "network classroom", "future classroom" and so on. What do we need to bear? I think we need to stick to the future direction and accept technological changes. The Department of Education should study the effects of Internet+ on our practice. And my understanding is that our thinking and research can be focused more on the "real education" and how to plus "Internet". Because, the new education ecology must be in the original, existing education ecology extension, and make curriculum reform, teaching reform and learning changes and present the new education ecology in the school, in the existing teaching and learning mode and environment. We have collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences to invite research experts from the "future school" to take action with us and asked the Ministry of Education Equipment Center to guide us in building our future schools in accordance with new standards.

  The sixth is to adhere to the fundamental task of "Setting up ideology and educating people". "Setting up ideology” is the root of talent cultivation. Focus on the core quality of students to promote the physical and mental health of students as the first requirement, such as the development of attention to the improvement of students' vision of "the action". Take the unity of knowledge and practice as the first principle, strengthen the excellent traditional culture education, strengthen the sports art education, and ensure students’ campus physical training one hour a day. Guide students to participate in one or two arts education activities during school to cultivate one or two arts hobbies.

  Today is the 2nd day of the 2nd month of the traditional Chinese calendar, when the dragon looks up, symbolizing the spring, the reviving of all things, signing the Futian education will gain ground, walk in the forefront and establish the benchmark.

  Comrades, action speaks louder than words. To build Futian education quality in Shenzhen, we need to take actions and take the initiative to bear. We must follow the planned timetable and road map, refresh encouragement, redouble our efforts, work, release vitality, jointly create a new situation for the development of Futian education, compose the next chapter of Futian's education reform, and greet the party's 19 session with outstanding work achievements!

  Thank you!

  February 27, 2017