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Start from Reading
——The course excellence research group led by Wu Shuhua, a famous teacher in Futian District, holds a reading seminar


















  The research group for the Course Excellence of Children's Reading led by Wu Shuhua, a teacher of Futian Qiaoxiang Foreign Languages School who is also the chief teacher and an "Outstanding Gardener" of Futian District, has recently held a seminar. Teacher Zhou Qixing, a well-known reading promoter, was present and provided advices. Teacher Yang Jing and teacher Zhang Ying of the Qiaoxiang Foreign Languages School directed the reading lessons of the books, Here Comes the Dog and Mao Mao, respectively. Teacher Zhou shared case studies and experience about the exploration of the book reading, highly recognizing the research work done by the course excellence research group. Qiaoxiang Foreign Languages School’s Principal Nie Junqing, Vice Principal Bai Hanling, directors of departments and more than 20 teachers led by Liu Xuejin, a renowned language and literature teacher of Lixuan Primary School in Guangdong Province, participated in this seminar.




  Instructing the students to start from observing the book cover, teacher Yang led them step by step until the climax of the lesson - a debate on why such a perfect dog would be wanted by the police. The students engaged in debate with clear logic and calmness. Teacher Zhou commented that the children in grade three have such a level of thought, revealing the teacher's skill and the power of reading!




  Teacher Zhang focused on guiding the students to think deeply about the text, cultivating their ability to think critically and to express themselves by combining with reality so as to enable them to perceive the gist of the book through interesting plots. From reading, the students gain the power to return to and think about life! Teacher Zhou appreciated that this was a fruitful lesson that enabled children to think and achieve.




  In December last year, teacher Wu Shuhua’s application for the course excellence development project, the Course of Children's Reading, which was funded by the Shenzhen Academy of Educational Sciences, was approved. This course covers from grade three of primary school education to grade six with classical children literary works as the main reading materials, with works of philosophy, history, religion and others as supplements and also including the teaching of the materials published by the People's Education Press. This course uses children’s reading to promote the strategic learning, strengthening the children’s ability to read and think in practice. Based on children’s future development and reflecting an international vision, it aims to cultivate new talents who boast an open mind, a broad vision and personality charm. (Text/Zhang Ying   Image/Xie Guangyong, Feng Liang)