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Artfully Integration to Highlight the Glamour of Poetry Teaching
——The poetry teaching seminar on the Chinese subject study of primary schools in Futian District





  On 19 May, the poetry teaching seminar on the Chinese subject study of primary schools in Futian District was held on the first floor in the multi-purpose hall of the secondary section of ShiXia School. The Chinese teachers of schools in Futian District and the members of the core group of Chinese teaching and research, the test proposition research group and the graded reading study group in Futian District participated in this seminar. ShiXia School’s principal Li Yongsheng and the leaders of the Education Bureau of Huaihua’s Hongjiang District, Hunan Province also attended this seminar with great interest.

  The seminar started with a lesson teaching the poem To Lin’an by teacher Wang Min of Xing Fu Lu Primary School of Huaihua's Hongjiang District, Hunan Province, discussing the integration of ancient poetry with teaching. Teacher Wang instructed the students in many forms, levels and dimensions to read the ancient poems, To Lin'an by Lin Sheng and Thoughts on the Chill on An Early Morning in Autumn when Walking out the Hedge Gate by Lu You, enabling the students to understand the meaning, grasp the spirit and bring themselves into the poetic environment by learning the correct pronunciation and grasping the rhythm. Then, considering the social conditions at the time when the poets lived, teacher Wang asked the students to fully understand and compare the similarities and differences between these two poems. Additionally, teacher Wang taught another poem of Lu You, Last Words to My Son. By doing the above, two different states of mind, befuddled tourists in Lin Sheng's poem and tears from adherents of the former dynasty in Lu You's poem, set each other off, therefore, the students can understand the themes even more profoundly. Teacher Wang also recommended Yue Fei's Man Jiang Hong, the lesson ended in the sorrowful poetry reading. Teacher Wang artfully and boldly integrated the three poems in one lesson to create a magnificent atmosphere.

  Then, ShiXia School's teacher Zhao Ping instructed the class-three students from grade six to appreciate the Plum Blossom in Poems. Teacher Zhao included four poems in this lesson which were Wang Anshi's Plum Blossom, Wang Mian's Mo Mei (the poem for his ink drawing of plum blossom), Lu You's and Mao Zedong's Ode to the Plum Blossom. Under the same theme, the students and teacher studied and systematically integrated the similarities in ideas, contents and linguistic practice shared by different materials. The learning method used throughout the lesson was to understand the meaning of the poems by grasping the key words and to perceive the emotions by understanding the historical background. With this learning method, the students were able to fully understand the texts. From the plum blossom caught on camera to the plum blossom in poems and then to the beautiful sentences about the plum blossom in the supplementary reading, the students gained a better understanding about the plum blossom with the image represented by the plum blossom becoming vivid on their mind. The students also summarized the artful expression in poems that feelings are expressed by describing objects. The after-class activity was to read and appreciate poems about plum blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and lotus flower.

  The teachers discussed on the site and in the WeChat group, saying the artful integration of poems with teaching has blazed a new trail for the front-line teachers. (Text/Luo Xuezi, Shu Lin)