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2016-2017 2nd Semester Inspector Salon of Futian District Held Successfully





  In the afternoon of 12 April, the 2016-2017 2nd Semester Inspector Salon of Futian District was successfully held at the Baihua branch of Shenzhen Experimental Kindergarten. Wang Wei, Director of the Educational Supervision Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, Director You Weishuo and Deputy Director Lai Yuntian of the Educational Supervision Office of the Futian District People’s Government, Bi Jie, Section Chief of the Educational Supervision Office of the Futian District People’s Government, Wang Zhe, Director of the Inspector Management Office, and the 38 newly appointed inspectors of the fifth session in Futian District participated in this salon.

  Hosting this event, Lai Yuntian initially introduced the participating leaders and thanked the 38 inspectors for their presence. He stressed that at the time of the renewal of the membership of inspectors, the preparation for the assessment of the supervision in the educational advanced district in Guangdong Province and the review of the advanced district for promoting the modernization of education in Guangdong Province (referred to as striving to be the advanced district) as well as the assessment of the national innovation district for the regular supervision from responsible inspectors at primary and secondary schools have become the two priorities this year. We hope that with the joint efforts of the whole district, especially with the contributions from all the responsible inspectors, we can achieve the goal of passing the assessment with high quality on the first attempt.

  Wang Zhe reported on the assessment of the national innovation district for the regular supervision from responsible inspectors at primary and secondary schools. Her report was based on the current situation, objectives and work plan. With the report differentiating the important from the less important, the inspectors on site gained a broader and better understanding of this assessment work. Knowing that Nanshan District has already passed this assessment, she emphasized that Futian District shall strive to pass the assessment with high quality as soon as possible.

  During the next free talk, the inspectors exchanged ideas about their feelings and knowledge of the supervision work as well as suggestions for their future work.

  Huang Kongchen, Principal of the Futian Experimental School of Shenzhen's Educational Science Institute in the 20th area of responsibility, said that since conventional inspectors usually just go through the motions, emphasis should be placed on special subjects of the supervision work, in particular, to provide targeted supervision according to the specific conditions and hot educational issues in the area where the schools are. As the supervision work requires not only supervision but also learning, he also proposed to set up a learning-oriented organization to discover highlights and experience in the supervision work and then summarize, promote and share them.

  Nie Junqing, Principal of Qiaoxiang Foreign Languages School in the third area of responsibility, said that this assessment was pressed for time with heavy tasks and higher requirements centred on innovation. He put forward that innovation contained three aspects which were the innovation of supervision management system, the innovation of supervision content and the innovation of supervision effectiveness.

  On site, the inspectors were engaged in heated discussions and expressed their views, providing valuable advices about creating the supervision culture, improving the management system, innovating the supervision content and strengthening the supervision promotion. You Weishuo fully recognized the speeches given by the inspectors and gave a positive response to the innovation topic. He emphasized that the key to this assessment of the national innovation district was innovation. The Educational Supervision Office of the District People’s Government is exploring the path of the innovation of the working system for education innovation, vigorously publicizing the supervision work, raising its status and further boosting its actual effect.

  Wang Wei highly recognized the educational supervision work in Futian District, pointing out that the focus of the assessment of the national innovation district was on innovation and the education supervision salon itself was an innovation of working mode. In the current situation of Shenzhen's districts participating in this assessment, Futian District needs to identify its position, seize the focus and boost its advantages so as to ensure that it passes the assessment. She expressed that the Educational Supervision Office of the District People’s Government would strongly support the innovative development work of Futian District.

  At the end of the activity, videos displaying the 30-day work of newly arrived inspectors showed their latest work style, with everyone being greatly encouraged.

  Finally, Lai Yuntian summarized this activity, pointing out that it has achieved a good effect with an enthusiastic response. This salon has played a positive role in enhancing understanding, sharing ideas, providing advice and improving the work. At the same time, Lai Yutian gave the best wishes to the inspectors hoping they are healthy, grow to be an expert and an all-rounder with a clear mind and well-defined tasks who knows what is important, pays attention to know-how, actual effect and comprehensive improvement as well as who keeps pace with the times and cooperates and shares with each other.

  This event was ended in a relaxing and joyful atmosphere. The inspectors enhanced mutual understanding, exchanged ideas, gained more knowledge about this assessment of the national innovation district and also provided suggestions. We believe that this event can promote Futian's educational supervision work. This work salon mode will also become a normalized platform for inspectors to talk about work and exchange experience. (Text/Ren Mengying   Image/Huang Yingtao, Lin Jiayin)