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We Are Building New Brands





  The Futian education takes the lead in conducting the supply-side reform. A series of initiatives, such as establishing the Association of Urban-village Brand Schools, conducting the study of Traditional Urban Village and New Brand-name Schools on the overall quality improvement, establishing the mobile service model post for the construction of urban-village brand-name schools by giving full play to the leading, demonstration and influential role of the star-teacher studios in our district, organizing the star teachers to help the urban-village schools and so on, have been implemented to achieve the overall improvement of the urban-village schools, to build new brands that the society recognizes, people satisfied with and teachers and students happy with, so as to establish new standards on basic education.

  From 28 to 29 March, Shangsha Primary School, Xiasha Primary School and Xinsha Primary School exchanged ideas about teaching research. A platform for the teachers of Chinese, Mathematics, English and Science from the three schools to exchange ideas has been built. 12 teachers of the four subjects have presented their lessons on behalf of their own school. About 400 teachers and leaders in the district were listening and learning on site.

  On the morning of 28 March, Zeng Guangzheng, Principal of Shangsha Primary School, Du Congying, Principal of Xiasha Primary School, and all the administrative staff of the two schools gathered in the conference room at the second floor at Xiasha Primary School, holding a simple ceremony for the opening of the host service model post of the star-teacher studios in Futian District. The hosts of the star-teacher studios in Futian District who came to demonstrate were teacher Jin Lina and teacher Wu Jun. Yang Chunsheng, Vice President of the Institute of Educational Sciences in Futian District, inaugurated the Mobile Service Model Post of the Star-teacher Studio in Futian District, hoping that the two schools can make full use of the star-teacher resources to play a good leading role so as to facilitate the construction of new branded schools.

  This activity focused on the key competences with beneficial explorations on deepening curriculum reform, further transforming the way of teaching and learning, building the self-directed and efficient classroom and promoting teachers' professional development. The success of this interscholastic communication indicates that the establishment of the Association of Urban-village Brand Schools has taken another solid step forward. (Text/Cheng Mengwu)