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Working Group Led by Yang Jishan, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Futian District, Researched Education Internationalization in Futian




  On the afternoon of 30 March, a working group of 12 CPPCC members led by Yang Jinshan, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Futian District, paid a visit to Yuanling Foreign Language Primary School to conduct a special study on Futian's establishment of strengths in internationalized education and education internationalization. Guo Qijun, President of the Institute of Educational Sciences in Futian District, went together.

  Guided by Cai Zuquan, Principal of Yuanling Foreign Language Primary School, Yang Jinshan and the CPPCC members visited the campus which was immersed in a strong international atmosphere, checked on the construction of the function rooms such as Chinese-English reading room, multi-lingual activity room and 3D maker space and then walked into the classroom of the class one in grade three, listening to a Spanish lesson from a foreign teacher, Idoia. As most of them are senior Shenzheners, they were amazed at the changes that had been made by the school over the past few years, especially at its work and achievements of education internationalization.

  Then, the working group listened to the report, hosted by President Guo Qijun, from the District Institute of Educational Sciences and the school on the internationalized education.

  At the meeting, on behalf of the Education Bureau, Li Hongmei, Director of the International Department of the Institute of Educational Sciences in Futian District, introduced the progress of the education internationalization work in Futian District from 15 aspects such as introducing and promoting internationalized courses, introducing and cultivating internationalized teachers, cooperating in establishing overseas sister school links, implementing the project of International Education Resource Website, innovatively conducting public international education lessons, organizing the advanced study and training on course leadership for school principals (kindergarten principals), developing regional standards on education internationalization, trying to organize the certification of internationalized school, planning to hold an international education meeting and exploring the establishment of the International School Association in Futian District. Principal Cai Zuquan introduced the school’s successful way of improving the student’s international competence by creating diverse campus cultures, opening the minority language courses, holding the Foreign Language Festival and the International Culture Week and organizing students to watch original English movies and sing English songs, as well as the related achievements.

  From their own education experience and their experience in children's education, members fully recognized Futian's leading role in the rapid development of education, especially its achievements in striving to be a district strong in education internationalization. Zhong Guoliang, a member of the CPPCC, said that Futian education should go global to build into an international education brand and create benchmarking schools. Combining with her experience of educating children, Qiao Yin, the NPC deputy of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, suggested that we should attach importance to experiential education as well as to the cultivation of students' language, thinking, methods and competence, facing the education internationalization by relying on the traditional national culture.

  In the end, Vice Chairman Yang Jinshan highly praised the Education Bureau of Futian District for its efforts to build the district strong in internationalized education and education internationalization and for its achievements. He also appreciated Yuanling Foreign Language Primary School for its creation of campus culture, opening the minority language courses and conducting a series of education activities centred on broadening the students' international horizon and improving their international competence by combining the student's characteristics. Considering our advantage as a central urban area, the rules of education development and the rules of the student's physical and mental development and their learning patterns, we should think about and position the international development of Futian's education and do a good top planning and design to build several high-end internationalized brand-name schools so as to promote the strategic development of being a strong district in education internationalization. He believes that in the near future, Futian District will certainly be built into a first-class international urban district, which will also develop its brand-name high-standard internationalized education. (Text/Zeng Dongsheng, Cheng Mingshu)