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Same Stage, Different Charm
——The Shenzhen Zhang Yubin Educational Research Experts Studio presents same lesson with different structures





  After the Rain in Spring, a poem written by Meng Jiao who was a poet in the Tang Dynasty, describes a scene that the spring rain nourishes everything, the grass being full of vigor. In this beautiful spring when all things nourished by the rain begin to grow, the Shenzhen Zhang Yubin Educational Research Experts Studio presented the same lesson with different structure for the subjects of senior high school entrance examination at Jianwen Foreign Language School in Longgang District. The studio has responded actively to Shenzhen’s strategy of marching towards the east as well as to the call for sparing no effort to do research, conducting practice boldly and providing thoughtful service from the Institute of Education Sciences in Futian District, reflecting the responsibility taken by Shenzhen’s educational research studios.

  "The same content carries different designs, like the same stage sending forth different charm." This presentation of same lesson with different structure covered six subjects of the senior high school entrance examination, which are Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry and History. Six teachers, Liu Xinyu, Xie Yujuan, Pu Ying, Delgenman, Yao Qiang and Wu Haiying, from the Shenzhen Zhang Yubin Educational Research Experts Studio, assumed the teaching task of different subjects. Yao Yueyong, Inspector of the Educational Institute in Guangdong Province, Bin Hua, Vice President of the Shenzhen Institute of Educational Research, Liao Chunfeng and Zhang Xuexin, hosts of the Start-teacher Studio in Shenzhen, host Han Fangting and other leaders and experts of the experts studio of educational research and over 100 teachers from Jianwen Foreign Language School, Xingwen School, Huiwen School, Guangzu Middle School and Zhuhai Tseng-Cheng Vocational School of Science and Engineering, listened to and learned from the lesson with participation in the related discussion. There were many highlights. From different angles, 12 teachers fully mobilized the students to take an active part by setting realistic teaching scenarios and combining with a variety of teaching methods, showing the essence of learning-oriented classroom. The 12 teachers enabled the students to learn by setting scenarios, to speak by creating opportunities and to write by giving them time. The teachers’ excellent teaching and the student’s outstanding learning effect were highly praised by the experts and other teachers. The Shenzhen Zhang Yubin Educational Research Experts Studio fulfills the ideas of pursuing excellence, realizing self-improvement and exerting regional influence through practical actions. The studio thinks while studying and practicing and learns from the reflection. It achieves its goal of conducting research, attaining development, exerting influence and becoming an education leader with a sense of historical responsibility through special teaching and research activities like providing education aid, workshops.