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Futian District Once Again Proved Our Academic Excellence
—— Completion of winter vacation homework through Futian's school safety education platform ranked No.1 in China




  According to the 2017 Issue 4 (the 33th in total) of The Work Briefing of the Chinese Society of Education on the Safety Education Experimental District, nearly 180,000 students from 244 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in our district reached a 98.93% completion rate in the special activity of the 2017 Safe Winter Vacation of Primary and Secondary Schools (Kindergartens) across the Country, ranking the first among the district-/ county-level units in the country with the student completion record and ranking reached a historical high in Futian District.

  In addition, in the second half of 2016, we actively organized teachers of primary and secondary schools as well as of kindergartens to participate in the collection of excellent safety education courses from primary and secondary schools across the country, recommending ten courses, such as Crowed, Dangerous!, to participate in the assessment of excellent safety education courses by the Education Bureau of Shenzhen City. Six courses winning the first prize, there were four in Futian District, and the Education Bureau of Futian District was awarded the Excellent Organization Prize. At the same time, the four first-prize winning courses, such as School Violence, the Pain of the Youth, were sent to compete at the province level.

  This excellent job cannot be done without the great foresight of the leaders of the Education Bureau. Since we applied for joining the safety education pilot district of the Chinese Society of Education in April 2013, we have actively promoted the campus safety education work in our district based on the School Safety Education Platform of Futian District. The brilliant achievements have pooled the great efforts of all the safety education directors and 4584 head teachers of the schools (kindergartens) in the district. These achievements also come from the great attention to and support for the campus safety education work from the leaders of the Education Bureau of the district and the schools.

  After four years of interadaptation and promotion, the schools (kindergartens) have already established an effective school (kindergarten) safety education management system and a safety education assessment system. Given plans, teaching hours, courses, teachers, research and reviews by the schools (kindergartens), the safety education has been included in their daily education program. To gradually build an information-driven, systematized, course-based and research-centred campus safety education mode, we shall abandon the outmoded style of conducting the campus safety education as a mere formality. Craving for survival skills and knowledge, teachers, students and parents participate in the online learning without being asked. This has completely changed the perfunctory teaching manner of the teachers of each school (kindergarten) and also changed the situation that students were required to finish the online homework. The change from the student's passive learning to their actively seeking knowledge is a significant progress in the management and promotion work of the School Safety Education Platform of Futian District.

  By virtue of external forces, we can do better and go further. Honor is recognition of the work we have done and also an encouragement for us to do the work well in the future. From now on, we will apply higher standards and work harder to achieve higher goals. (Text/Mi Sheng)