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Work Hard to Set New Standards for Educational Supervision in Futian District
——Futian District held the Fifth Inspector Appointment Work Meeting


  On the afternoon of 9 March, 2017, the Fifth Inspector Appointment Work Meeting of Futian District was held in the auditorium of ShiXia junior section of Hongling Middle School. Jin Yili, Deputy Director of the Educational Supervision Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Meng Man, Deputy Mayor of Futian District People's Government, Wang Wei, Inspector (at the deputy-director level) of the Educational Supervision of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, leaders of the Education Bureau of the district, the Educational Supervision Office of Futian District Municipal People's Government and the Institute of Education Sciences of the district, and 253 district inspectors of the fifth session attended this meeting.

  The meeting was hosted by You Weishuo, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau in Futian District. Lai Yuntian, Deputy Director of the Education Supervision Office in the district, read off the list of the fifth session of the newly appointed part-time inspectors in Futian District. The participating leaders issued the letter of appointment to the representatives of part-time inspectors and responsible inspectors.


Xu Yonghong, Outstanding Inspector of Shenzhen City and Principal of Li Xuan Primary School, gave a speech on behalf of the previous inspectors, talking about his understanding of this role from his own experience. He believed that the inspector first of all signifies the dignity of this profession and then it is a perfect platform for the principal to grow rapidly; moreover, it needs passion and courage to bear responsibility. On behalf of the newly appointed inspectors, Wang Minghui, Deputy Principal of Shixia School, gave a speech, saying that they would study harder, enhance their competence, cherish opportunities, perform their duties, apply their knowledge to the education supervision work and seek development so as to constantly strengthen their capability of education supervision and thus become an expert.

  On behalf of the Educational Supervision Office of the district, Director Chen Yuanfa summarized the work done by the previous inspectors and planned the major work that the newly appointed inspectors are going to do. He said that there were a total of 152 inspectors of the fourth session in Futian District who had achieved great results in the political supervision work such as the establishment of the Basically Balanced District for the Development of National Compulsory Education, in the various kinds of educational supervision work at different levels, such as the evaluation of the school operation quality in Shenzhen City, in the area of responsibility for the inspector as well as in the work of responsible inspectors regularly conducting supervision and in the field of education supervision research. It can be said that they have successfully completed their mission and made due contributions to the education development in Futian District. The major work of the education supervision in Futian District this year includes the review of the educationally strong district in Guangdong Province and the Advanced District for the Modernization of Education in Guangdong Province, the national supervision inspection for the Innovation District for the Regular Supervision of the Responsible Inspector at Primary and Secondary Schools, the evaluation of the operation quality of the public school at the stage of compulsory education, the monitoring of the quality of national compulsory education in 2017 and the establishment of the learning-oriented community. We shall plan beforehand, focus on the implementation, set standards and strive to achieve excellence so as to open a new chapter in the education supervision work in Futian District.


  Tian Hongming, Director of the Education Bureau of Futian District, raised requirements on the newly appointed inspectors that they should study harder to earn respect with their expertise, run their own school well in the first place and make education back to normal and to the reality and pay close attention to the health of teachers and students. He also reminded the inspectors with typical cases that they should learn to meet the new requirements and new challenges that the current social development puts on education so as to strengthen their capability of coping with emergencies.


  Deputy Mayor Meng Man fully recognized the hard work of the inspectors of the fourth session for the education supervision in Futian District. She also acknowledged Director Chen Yuanfa's plan of the education supervision work in this year. She expects the Education Supervision Office in the district to strengthen the development of inspectors, attach importance to the inspector training, establish a sound system, pay attention to the assessment system, bring forth new ideas in the working mechanism and improve the supervision effectiveness. She also hopes that the inspectors of the new session can fulfill their duties, play an active role, strengthen their learning and training, improve their overall competence, enhance their awareness of rules and create a positive image. Therefore the inspectors can improve the quality of our education supervision work to a higher level in a proactive and wise manner.


  Deputy Director Jin Yili highly recognized the education supervision work in our district. In her view, Director Chen's review of the work done by the previous inspectors is comprehensive, objective and positive, which does reflect the contribution from the supervision work on the development of education. It shows us the encouraging progress of the rooting, flowering and fruit bearing of the supervision work in education. As this year's work plan and targets are clear, tasks are specific and measures are strong, we firmly believe the newly appointed inspectors will make greater contributions to the model district, the excellent education and the outstanding education supervision.


  At the Seventh Party Congress of Futian District which was held at the beginning of this year, Futian District put forward the great goal of setting the new standards for being a model district and accelerating the construction of a first-class internationalized urban district. This has raised higher requirements on our education work and education supervision work. This meeting, playing a role of milestone, is a major event for the Futian education. It comprehensively summarized the education supervision work of Futian District, pointing out the direction for the future supervision work and reflecting the attention paid by the party committee and government of the district and by the municipal education supervision office to the education and education supervision work in Futian District. The newly appointed 253 inspectors are the new vitality injected into the education supervision work of Futian District, indicating a bright future of the education and education supervision work of Futian District. (Text/Zhao Qingmu)