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Reading, Laying the Foundation for A Child's Life







  The training of the second volume of the publicly compiled Chinese textbook for the first grade of compulsory primary school education, undertaken by Futian District, was successfully held at Futian Qiaoxiang Foreign Languages School. A total of over 1000 people, such as the representatives of the Chinese teachers for the first grade of primary schools in the city, teaching researchers of each district, part-time Chinese teaching researchers of Shenzhen City and the Chinese teachers for the first grade in Futian District, participated in the meeting.

  As the host, teacher Yu Yunde, a Chinese teaching researcher for the primary school education, kicked off the meeting in a humorous way by artfully quoting the textbook content, "my family name is Yu, which Yu? The 'Yu' of 'Duo Yu' (the same Chinese characters for redundancy)", "spring breeze blowing, summer rain pouring, autumn frost coming and winter snow flying, then Zhang Dezhi flying in...” the teachers all laughing. There came Zhang Dezhi, Deputy Principal of Minshun Primary School in Longhua District and a part-time teaching researcher. He gave a report, the Publicly Compiled Textbook for the Core Competence, comprehensively analyzing the second volume of the publicly compiled Chinese textbook for the first grade of primary school education from the aspects of textbook characteristics, textbook overview and teaching recommendations. From Principal Zhang's report, the teachers more directly perceived the various styles and outstanding quality of the publicly compiled textbook.

  Then, teacher Zhang Jinghong of Futian Qiaoxiang Foreign Languages School organized the students of class three in grade one to study the text Little Rooster and Little Duck. Centred on competence, the whole lesson was concise, natural and interesting. The children being called to read, or separated into different groups or given different roles, they read the text clearly and sincerely with great interest. They were also instructed to read correctly and fluently and to read conversations with emotion carried forward gradually. The students learned words, talking and culture while reading. It is more worth mentioning that teacher Zhang was even willing to spend 15 minutes for children to practice writing and calligraphy attentively with the music and provide individual instructions. In the end, teacher Zhang artfully incorporated the new words into a song, the lesson ended joyfully with the children's clapping and reading. Highly praising this lesson, the attendees were attracted to discuss actively. Zhao Zhixiang, a Chinese teaching researcher for primary school education and Director of Teaching Research Centre of the Institute of Education Sciences, spoke highly of this lesson, saying that this was a lesson that made the listeners comfortable, which gave the time back to children, nurturing them quietly.

  With the participants’ rising enthusiasm for learning, Principal Hu Hongmei, a national well-known reading promoter and a part-time teaching researcher, gave everyone a report, Making Flexible Use of Knowledge and Skill Training and Conducting In-class Reading Instruction. Principal Hu also shared the intention and process of writing the Knowledge and Skill Training, talking about views on the courses and students and sharing cases and resources. The students have benefited a lot.

  The whole event was in an intense but orderly with high lights. In the end, Director Zhao Zhixiang quoted the words from Wen Rumin, the chief director for the publicly compiled textbook, as “To understand words is to read as early and quick as possible. It is for children to learn to read broadly and quickly at an early age, even to read hastily and without thinking too much.”

  Reading is laying the foundation for a child's life! (Text/Zhang Ying)