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15 New STREAM Schools Marks a Big Move in Maker Education in Futian


  Fast-paced Shenzhen recently held the Second National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week, making an impressive symphony of passion and creativity. On October 13, Shenzhen released the first guidance in China on constructing a Maker education curriculum and practice base, marking a new direction for education in our city. On October 26, Maker education in Futian District established STREAM bases in Hongling Middle School and Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School, marking the official kickoff of the construction of 15 STREAM practice bases. Wang Yuxi, Deputy Director of Futian District Education Bureau, and Guo Qijun, President of the Institute of Education Science in Futian District attended the opening ceremony.

  STREAM is the initialism for science, technology, reading, research, engineering, art, and mathematics. STREAM education trains students in innovative thinking, scientific literacy, practical abilities, and other core qualities. It guides students to read in depth and enhance their cognitive abilities. It forms a holistic system by integrating the teaching and learning of the six STREAM fields to provide students with an opportunity to understand the world more fully.

  “By working with the listed companies in our city such as IFLYTEK and Shenzhen ESUN, the Futian Education Bureau has selected 15 schools to boost the development of STREAM on the basis of existing smart schools in the District," said Wang. “The purpose of building these benchmarking schools is to run STREAM and apply information-based education in Futian.” He believes that the experience of the selected schools can boost Maker education at primary and secondary schools district-wide and play a leading role in cultivating talent in the digital age.

  Hongling Middle School Principal Zhang Jian remarked that, “After the base is listed, Hongling Education Group will strive to build the Maker education system chain. Primary school students will focus on experience, junior secondary students on practice, and senior secondary school students on research.” He asserts that this will also help build a Maker college. Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School President Nie Junqing added that, “Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School will use the STREAM education base to study with an open mind, work hard, collaborate to make the most of the opportunities offered by Maker education, and promote smart campus construction.”

  Huang Feiyun, IFLYTEK General Manager of Shenzhen Company, and Xiang Kaibing, ESUN General Manager introduced their companies’ top technologies and expressed their willingness to work with Futian Education Bureau and the schools involved and bring students cutting-edge technologies and advanced ideas. This will bring make Shenzhen’s Maker education up to international standards.

  At present, there are total 15 schools in the first batch of STREAM educational bases in Futian District. Those involving IFLYTEK are Zhuyuan Primary School, Yuanling Primary School, Liyuan Primary School, Futian Foreign Language Senior Secondary School, Yiqiang Primary School, Lotus Primary School and Lotus Middle School. Those involving ESUN are Qiaoxiang Foreign Language School, Fumin Primary School, Yitian Primary School, Yuanlin Foreign Language Primary School, Shangbu Primary School, Jinglong Primary School. Those involving both are Hongling Middle School and the Institute of Education Science Affiliated Primary School.