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Futian District Education Bureau and Shenzhen Vanke Education Development Foundation Jointly Sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to Promote Hongling Education Group’s Reform and Innovation



  On the afternoon of September 30, Shenzhen Futian District Education Bureau and Shenzhen Vanke Education Development Foundation held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation framework agreement to promote the reform and innovation of Hongling Education Group.

  The event was attended by the following parties: Xiao Yafei, Secretary of Shenzhen Futian District Party Committee; Gao Shengyuan, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and Acting District Chief, and other district leaders; Yu Liang, President of Shenzhen Vanke Group; officials under the District Committee and the District Government Office; officials responsible for the Reform of the District Committee Office; the Development and Reform Bureau of the District; the Education Bureau and Finance Bureau; personnel in charge of Hongling Education Group; and Shenzhen Vanke Group.

  Shenzhen Futian District Government and Shenzhen Vanke Group will jointly inject capital into Hongling Education Foundation (the "Foundation"). The Foundation will set up a Council and Board of Supervisors. The Council will act as the Foundation’s decision-making body. It is responsible for funding, investment, and operations, and holding and increasing funds in accordance with the law and the principles of security and effectiveness.

  The decision-making operation of the foundation is subject to the supervision and year-end review of the Council. Shenzhen Vanke Group and Futian District Government will donate 50 million yuan each to the foundation, totaling 100 million yuan. The funds are currently dedicated to reforming the following systems across Hongling Education Group's campuses: education, teaching, staffing, innovation, and development. The Council under Hongling Education Group is composed of directors from government departments, education experts, business representatives, influential residents, teacher representatives, parent representatives, and school principals. The Council will promote the school’s internal democratic rights, administrative powers, academic rights, and parents’ and students’ rights. The organization’s core values include streamlining, decentralizing power, and careful auditing.

  The Council will explore public entrusted management as a school management system, which will be applied in Antuoshan Primary School under Hongling Education Group. The school will be entrusted to Hongling Education Group Council and affiliated to Hongling Education Group.

  Shenzhen Vanke Group and the Futian District Government will give equal donations to the Foundation and allocate phase-II funding to promote Antuoshan Primary School’s innovative, high-level development and help build an intelligent future for the school. The two parties agree that the schools under the Council will preferentially support new residential communities built by Shenzhen Vanke Real Estate in Futian District and be run under public entrusted management. The aim is to boost innovation by and the development of Hongling Education Group.

  The First Plenary Session of the Seventh Chinese Communist Party Congress of Futian District, Shenzhen City recently concluded. By opening of a new chapter in Futian District’s 13th five-year plan, the conference carries significant meaning at a time when reform and development enters a new stage.

  Over the next five years, Futian District will undergo the challenge of building a prosperous society, deepen reform, and enter an optimum development period for modernizing and digitalizing education.

  Futian District and Hongling Education Group will jointly seize the opportunities and face the challenges of developing Hongling Education Group’s modern school system and they will explore diverse school management systems. Both parties will have the authority to build a government-led school system that involves all sectors of society, features a wide range of subjects and management modes, and is proactive.

  Both parties will promote the separation of governance, management, and assessments so as to establish the modern school governance system of decision-making, implementation, and supervision for overall improvements. They will continually refine Hongling Education Group’s school management ability to serve as a role model for Shenzhen and China in the domain of education, education management, and innovative practices.

  In recent years, the Futian education system has been innovative in the area of comprehensive educational reform. Shenzhen Mingde Experimental School was a pilot project for exploring the management system of affiliate schools linked to a central school. The results were positive. Hongling Middle School is a pilot project for establishing Hongling Education Group, which will explore the principal accountability system led by the Council and reform the central management system.

  The practical policy of education for the people guides the practice of the Futian education system. The plan for renovating and upgrading urban-village schools is underway, and is boosting the hardware and software facilities of the schools by upgrading the school infrastructure, strengthening campus culture, improving staffing administration, optimizing incentives, and providing a special-needs curriculum. These measures significantly improve students’ academic performance and personal development.

  Efforts to implement direct admission from the catchment area have simplified the administrative process for approving repeated applications for school admissions from regional residents, reviewing documentation, and facilitating admission to secondary school from primary school.

  Under the leadership of the district committee and the district government, the Futian education system is striving to build a happy education environment that the people are satisfied with. Education in the whole district is trending towards being balanced, meaningful, distinctive, superior, modern and international, creating an excellent educational environment for Futian to be a first-rate central area.

  The Futian education system is already one of the most important elements for attracting talent and boosting socioeconomic development.