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Always on the Road: The Fifth Year of the Quality Education Curriculum for Socialist Citizens in Futian District


  The Chinese Student Development Core Quality Research Results promulgated on September 13, 2016 scientifically define the essential qualities and key abilities that students should possess to adapt to lifelong development and social development. These qualities include self-esteem, self-discipline, courtesy, integrity, honesty, friendliness, generosity, filial piety, graciousness, enthusiasm for charity and volunteering, dedication, good team spirit, united, active, full of initiative, responsible for themselves and others, able to tell right from wrong, aware of rules and laws, active in fulfilling civic duties, rational exercise of civic rights, upholding freedom and equality, able to maintain social fairness and justice, love and respect for nature, and a green lifestyle that promotes sustainable development.

  As the window for China’s reform and development, Shenzhen began cultivating social awareness in early 2012 by cooperating with New School (Beijing) Education Science and Technology Research Institute (“New School”). The two piloted the curriculum Quality Education for Socialist Citizens in Futian. The pilot aimed to explore the innovative development of education, cultivate primary and secondary school students, enrich teaching content, guide students to practice and research, and transform teaching methods.

  This experiment was successful, leading to Futian’s listing as a key project for optimizing the curriculum and classroom teaching. Moreover, it was included in the 13th Five-year Plan for Education Development in Futian District, Shenzhen City.

  From September 21 to 22, the award ceremony of Futian District New Semester Curriculum Training of Socialist Citizens’ Quality Education for Primary and Secondary School Students and Excellent Teaching Cases were held respectively at Huanggang Middle School and Shangsha Primary School. The following parties attended the events: Han Jiemei, Vice-president of New School, Cao Qirong; Teacher and Researcher of Ethics at the Institute of Education Science in Futian District, Cheng Rong; Teacher and Researcher of Politics, Liu Xiao; Teacher and Researcher of Ethics, Xiao Yufen; Distinguished Taiwanese Curriculum Expert of New School, George; Distinguished Foreign Curriculum Expert of New School and its principals; directors and teachers from the schools involved; and teachers from Fujian.

  The teachers from Futian participated in the appraisal and election of the National Outstanding Video Lessons and Cases in the 2015-2016 Quality Education Curriculum for Socialist Citizens, which was organized by New School. They received good results with 28 winning first, second, and third place in the primary and secondary school division, as well as the Excellence Award.

  As students grow up, the curriculum must continue to move forward with them. We can see the meaning of the Quality Education Curriculum for Socialist Citizens when students pay attention to the difficulties and issues in their life in an investigative manner, or when students can analyze and solve problems by using the tools acquired from the curriculum. They should also be able to review society rationally and take responsibility for themselves, their families, and society.