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The Work about Art Education, Physical Education and Campus Bullying Control in Our Distrct Are Highly Praised by Shenzhen Municipal Supervision Team


  On September 13, the education supervisor office of Shenzhen Municipal Government organized an expert group of 10 to inspect and supervise the three-year plan of the school’s work. The inspected areas are art, physical education, and campus bullying.

  In the afternoon on the day before formal supervision, the municipal education supervisory office chose two schools by lots for inspection. These were Huanggang Middle School and Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone Foreign Language Primary School.

  The supervisory team heard inspection reports from Wang Yuxi, Deputy Director of Futian District Education Bureau, on behalf of the Educational Administration Department of the District; Chen Qihong, Huanggang Middle School Principal; and Su Haitao, Principal of Free Trade Zone Foreign Language Primary School. The supervisory team also summarized and analyzed classroom observations in art and physical education. They watched indoor and outdoor sports, interviewed teachers and students, consulted documentation, and checked the campus facilities and surrounding environment.

  The supervisory team leader Jia Xiaochun assessed the work of our district on behalf of the team. The team believes that there are five highlights in Futian district’s work in the areas of art, physical education, and bullying on campus. The first is the leaders’ commitment, sound organization, and fulfillment of responsibilities. The second is the various forms of art and physical education, with different schools boasting different styles, such as Huanggang Middle School and Free Trade Zone Foreign Language Primary School, which both have different styles. The third is the complete provision of all the courses required on a national level, improvements to staff administration, and training. The fourth is the interaction between teachers and students during the one-hour outdoor sports activities, which made the lesson more efficient. The fifth is the strong guarantee mechanism for personnel, security, and funds.

  The supervisory team also provided suggestions on the private school’s problems about facilities and personnel, clarifying responsibility for art and physical education at private schools and coordinating resources both inside and outside the campus to solve the bullying problem.

  The supervisory team inspected and assessed the work done by these two schools. They found that Huanggang Middle School has a solid and effective conventional teaching approach to music, art and sports, with a focus on the building and developing student associations. Huanggang Middle school holds colorful art festivals, boasts outstanding sports teams with high-performers in the Senior Secondary School Entrance Exam, and specializes in clay production and green materials of different types. The school is also meticulous in moral education, working with police stations, community work stations, and parent committees to stamp out campus bullying. The Free Trade Zone Foreign Language Primary School takes a broad and long-term view, boasts flexible mechanisms, applies a wide range of content, and is practical. The school students have high morale, and the teachers are dedicated and have strong professional knowledge and show high efficiency. The school uses “life education” as a concept to guide physical education. Considering the issues and problems found during the inspection, the supervision team presented suggestions for the future development of the two schools.

  The following people attended the feedback meeting: Lai Yuntian, Deputy Director of the Education Supervisor Office of Futian District Government; Wang Yuxi, Deputy Director of Futian District Education Bureau; Guo Qijun, President of Futian District Institute of Education Science; personnel from the district education bureau and supervisory office; school inspectors; and administrative officials.

  The supervisory team inspects art, physical education, and campus bullying in our district. The municipal supervision team highly commends the work done by our district and the inspected schools, which provides great encouragement. We will continue to fully exert our advantages to create unique features and build a renowned brand, improve our work according to the supervisory team’s opinions about our future development, and improve teaching quality to build Futian district’s featured education brand. We can thus fully prepare for supervision and inspection from the provincial education bureau and education department.

  (Written by Zhao Qingmu, Education Supervisor Office of Futian District Government/ Photographed by Huanggang Middle School and Free Trade Zone Foreign Language Primary School)