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Futian District Education Authority Commemorates the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China


  On the afternoon of June 28, the Futian District Education System commemorated the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The July 1 commendation ceremony was held in the Senior Secondary School of Hongling Education Group.

  The dance “Monument”, performed by Hongling Education Group and Huangpu School, kicked off the ceremony. The bravura dance performance told a touching story, bringing the audience’s thoughts back to the time when the Red Army was on the Long March.

  Then Lai Mianjun recited the poem “Party Flag Waving in My Heart” by Lotus Middle School and three teachers, which was cadenced and rich in feeling, evoking empathy from the audience.

  One of the important items on the agenda of the ceremony was that Tian Hongming, Director of Futian District Education Bureau, led the new party members to take an admission oath, giving the old party members a chance to relive the party oath and all attendees a chance to face the party flag again. The spirit of the moment was enhanced by the sonorous reciting of the oath.

  Zeng Liwen, Deputy Secretary of Futian District Education Work Committee and Secretary of the Disciplinary Work Committee, commended the following outstanding people and organizations: the party committee of Hongling Education Group, 19 grass-roots party organizations, Xiong Lihua, 104 party members, Ma Ganfei, and 30 party workers.

  The final program saw a performance of two songs, “Party Members’ Honesty and Self-discipline”, “The Ingenious Military Move of Crossing the Chishui River Four Times”. These were sung by a chorus comprising 80 party members from bureau offices and schools. With powerful and clear singing, the chorus performance won thunderous applause from the audience and pushed the atmosphere to a new high.

  The final item on the agenda was a speech from Zeng Chongfu, Secretary of Futian District Education Work Committee. Zeng first expressed his warmest congratulations to the organizations and individuals who were commended. He pointed out that in this year of grass-roots party construction, the education activities and education reform of Two Lessons Plus One Action were been pushed forward successfully and systematically.

  He also pointed out that there were still some problems with the current party construction work, and expects the grass-roots party organizations and party members to take action. Zeng asked party members to strive to become qualified party members with Four Stresses and Four Possessions. He called on all members to redouble efforts to build Futian district’s brand of Happy Education.

  The two events were both very successful. The celebration was hosted by Qiao Bo and Li Jinze from the senior high school of Hongling Education Group. The leaders of the Education Bureau and nearly 1,000 members of the district education authority attended the meeting. (Party-masses Department)