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Hongling Student Shi Xiaohan Awarded 14th Ye Shengtao Cup for National Top 10 Young Writer


  From July 25 to 28, the 14th Ye Shengtao Cup National Writing Competition for Secondary School Students was held in Beijing. More than 1,500 contestants from all over the country participated in the final. Ten students from The Senior Secondary School of Hongling Middle School took part, with excellent results. Grade two student Shi Xiaohan won the Top 10 Young Writer award.

  The Children’s News Publishing House, the Campus Literature Committee of Chinese Contemporary Literature Research Association hosted the award, which was organized by Secondary School Student magazine. With fresh ideas, correct guidance, a precise competition process, and fair principles for appraisal and voting, the competition is highly regarded by teachers and students alike. The competition has the most authority and influence on a national level, and is recognized by many universities. It attracts much attention from secondary school teachers and students across the country, educational circles, literary circles, and the press.

  It is also the highest award for student writing. In 2015, Shi Xiaohan also won the grand award at the Seventh Lu Xun Youth Literature Award from East China Normal University in the senior secondary school category. She is a well-respected student with an excellent academic record. Holding the post of president of Peng Ling Youth Literary Association at the senior secondary school, Shi Xiaohan is very active and shares her writing abilities with others.

  Shi Xiaohan arranged her schedule well during this summer vacation, participating in a number of writing competitions and achieving excellent results. On July 9 in Guangzhou, she won the second prize in the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Division of the Third Peking University PeiWen Cup National Youth Creative Writing Competition - her first try at science fiction writing. On July 24 in Beijing, she won the grand award in the 12th Hope Cup National Writing Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students (the highest award). On August 1 in Tianjin, she won the silver award in the national finals of the Chinese subject in the 9th Ability and Competence Test System (ACTS). Candidates from the Guangdong division in the national finals won a gold medal and a silver medal, with the gold medal won by a candidate from Meizhou city.