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Writing Hero Goes to Hongling Middle School Deputy Mayor Wu Yihuan Presents Award to Wu Jieyu


  On March 20, the Shenzhen Education Bureau and the Daily Sunshine newspaper held an award ceremony for Writing Hero event, a large-scale integrated media and education event. Deputy Mayor Wu Yihuan attended the ceremony and presented the prize to the champion, Wu Jieyu. In attendance were the Municipal Education Work Commission Secretary; Municipal Education Bureau Director, Guo Yurong; Liu Jiachen; Deputy Directors of Municipal Propaganda Department, Wu Xun and Xu Jianling; Deputy Director of Municipal Education Bureau, Hu Hongxia; Chief Editor of the Sunshine Daily, Cao Yu; Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee Office of the Reading Week, Gu Huanjin; and the Vice President of the Literature and Arts Association.

  Hu Jieyu from Hongling Middle School won the championship, Meng Sitong won a top 10 award, Meng Siqi and Xue Yuan (Junior secondary school) won a top 60 award, Hu Di won the second prize in the Creative Poster Contest, Chen Ping won the Outstanding Instructor Award, Hongling Middle School won the Best Production Award in the Micro-video Competition and the Best Organization Award in the finals of the Writing Hero Competition. Principal Zhang Jian accepted the prize on behalf of the school.   

  Deputy Mayor Wu Yihuan presented the award to the champion Wu Jieyu. Wu Yihuan praised the success of the event and caliber of the students, thanking event organizers and instructors for their hard work. He believes that the event will continue to do well and extend nationwide. He hopes that the instructors keep guiding the children in Shenzhen to help them improve their ability to think, write, and be self-reliant. He expressed his desire for the children to continue writing, studying hard, and living happy lives. 

  The champion Wu Jieyu, a grade three student from Hongling Senior Secondary School, said she wants to focus on criminal and child psychology. With a focus on campus bullying, she has been striving to think from the child’s perspective.

  She thanked the competition for giving her a valuable platform to create, express, and question what she loves, and to deep dive into what makes her feel sad. She pledges to raise the profile of social issues. Wu started writing a novel during her summer vacation, but has suspended it until after her college entrance exam. However she promises to show her work to everyone after the exam is over. She is grateful to Shenzhen for nurturing her talent and passion, and in particular appreciates Hongling Middle School.    

  Chen Ping is the chief instructor at the Peng Ling Youth Literary Association and Student News Agency in Hongling Middle School. She took the floor as the representative for excellent instructors. She said that Hongling Middle School is a school with its own educational ideas, instilling each Hongling student with a philanthropic spirit and scientific literacy so students can develop happily and healthily.

  We have set up the first youth literary association in Shenzhen, which has cultivated a Writing Hero Competition Champion, seven winners of Top Ten Literary Youth Awards, and a grand award winner of the Lu Xun Youth Literary Award. Our Hongling Middle School’s Peng Ling Youth Literary Association, Student News Agency, and students who are fond of reading and writing participated in all the Writing Hero events. These include the Cheerleading Contest, Creative Poster Contest, Micro Video Contest, Micro Composition Contest, and voting on the Writing Hero competition’s outstanding compositions. 

  During the one-year competition, a group of literary youth with dreams and ambitions gathered under the banner of Writing Hero. They read, wrote, created and grew up, and passed on the spirit of youth. Six-rounds of compositions onsite, each up to three hours, tested students’ writing and wider abilities. Articles with thousands of words reflected students’ concerns about campus issues, traditional culture, advocacy of science, perception of the future, and pursuit of ideals. “A brave heart serves justice, a sharp mind produces eloquence.” The students expressed vivid imaginations under Writing Hero.

  We sincerely wish the Writing Hero event all the best, and we hope it grows into a carnival of culture and creativity that every child in Shenzhen can enjoy!