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Futian Middle School Won the National Championship in Senior Secondary School Division of the 12th Soong Ching Ling Youth Invention Award



  Recently the 12th Soong Ching Ling Youth Invention Award hosted by the Soong Ching Ling Foundation and China Invention Association was held in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. This award is high profile and enjoys a very good reputation for inventions and innovations by Chinese children at home and abroad.

  Invited by the China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week, the award was successfully selected as a key activity for the 9th China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week, gaining wide attention from the press. This competition lasted 9 months. After several rounds of assessments, 255 inventions from 35 teams from various Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia were selected for the finals.

  The finals for the senior secondary school division was quite fierce, with only 10 gold awards for about 100 entries. Our Futian Middle School team gave an outstanding performance in the exhibition, demonstration, and presentation. Under the guidance of deputy director Zhao Xiaodong and teacher Qi Ming, the Improved Wireless Fencing System from Lian Jialu of Class 4, Grade 2, Senior Secondary won a gold medal. The Spherical underwater Operating Machine from Deng Shaoming of Class 8, Grade 2, Senior Secondary won a silver medal. Their school also scored first in the senior secondary division, which is the best result in history of Futian Middle School. Our district’s participation in this competition is also another achievement of this school for its continuous exploration of innovative science and technology education.        

  Science and technology make the nation strong. Fostering the youth’s innovative spirit and capabilities in science and technology is not only important for the development of young people, but also for the future of the country. We hope that Futian’s young makers will regard the award win as a start on their road of scientific research where they carry the scientific torch, strive to succeed, and keep making progress and greater achievements!