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Yiqiang School’s Swimmers Achieved Great Results Once Again in the National Competition


  From August 11 to 14, the 2016 National Children’s Swimming Championships (Junior Division) Held in Tianjin Haihe Education Park Sports Center. The competition was hosted by the Swimming Administrative Center of the State General Administration of Sport and Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau, organized by Tianjin Haihe Education Part Sports Center. The competition attracted 571 athletes in 41 teams from all over the country.

  In this large-scale, high-level competition, Bao Jiacan, Jia Lezhi, Li Chuyi, Zhu Houhua from Yiqiang Primary School took on strong competitors. They were committed to win and and achieved excellent results. Bao Jiacan, in particular, stood out from the competition by winning the fourth prize in boys’ medley (2004 division), achieving the standard for national level-two athletes in the 50-meter butterfly, 50-meter backstroke, 100-meter backstroke, 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter medley, and 400 freestyle.    

  This honor once again embodies the achievements of school-based curriculum. Six years since its establishment, Yiqiang Primary School has included swimming into its curriculum, used professional swimming venues, hired full-time swimming instructors, trained all students from grades two to six, and made great achievements with the help of sports’ teachers.