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Bumper Gold Haul for Huaqiang School in the 2016 National Vocational Students Skills Competition


  Recently, the teachers and students of Shenzhen Huaqiang Vocational Technical School ( “Huaqiang School”) gathered together to congratulate the teachers and students who have attained remarkable results in the 2016 National Vocational Students Skills Competition ( “Competition”).

  There were in total 19 students from Huaqiang School who participated in 12 segments of the 2016 competition (secondary vocational school division) on behalf of Shenzhen City. 16 students won awards, including nine students who came in tops in six different segments, six students who were second in four segments and one student who came in third. (See the statistics table for details on the awards)

  The six gold medals set a new record not only in Shenzhen but also in Guangdong Province, for a single school to have won the most gold medals in the competition in the same year, and for the first time, this record parallels the national record. Among the schools, Huaqiang School has won the most gold medals nationwide in this competition for 2016.

  In 2016, the results attained by the teachers and students of Huaqiang School at the competition have been remarkable, and this clearly demonstrates Huaqiang School’s success with its new benchmarks and new education and teaching styles. The students and teachers who participated have aced the competition for Shenzhen City. They trained hard, and were mentally prepared as they calmly took on their competitors. Huaqiang School is the national model for a vocational school. It was selected as one of the TOP 100 Chinese Vocational Education Schools in 2015. The students’ academic results for the College Entrance Examination for Higher Vocational College have been among the best for Guangdong province with students topping the entry scores among similar schools in the city for 19 years in succession. The six gold medals is testimony to Huaqiang School’s leadership in vocational education nationwide.

  “The College Entrance Examination is to the regular senior secondary school what the National Vocational Students Skills Competition is to the vocational senior secondary school”.

  Organized by 37 organizations including the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Competition was held in 15 divisional cities like Tianjin, Beijing, and Jiangsu from May 8 to June 8. Shenzhen sent 133 students to compete in 36 segments in the senior secondary school division, and won 13 top prizes, 25 second prizes and 35 third prizes. Of the 13 top prizes, Huaqiang School alone won six , Shenzhen No.1 Vocational School of Technology won three , Baoan Vocational Technology School won two, Shenzhen No.3 Vocational School of Technology and Sha Jin Vocational Technology School each won one.

  The stories behind the gold medals

    1.Topped the English competition and gained fame in Chongqing Division

  The competition was held in Chongqing on May 22. The students from Huaqiang School won the national top and second placings in two team competitions, and both teams were awarded the prizes for top honors. Zhong Yayi and Hong Jia won the national top honors in the competition in English skills in the segment for others. Zhang Zipei and Xiao Wenwen won the second honors in the competition in English skills in the segment for services. The instructors for these two segments are Xu Bimei and Yao Yadi, both instructors have won the National Outstanding Instructor title twice.

  It is rare to see a school in the running for two competition segments after the stringent selection rounds. It is the first time that a school won both national first and second placings in these two segments. Huaqiang School’s students attracted a lot of attention in the Chongqing division.

    2.Film and television post-production dominated at the national level

  On May 30, Huaqiang School’s Lin Zhan won the first prize in the competition and was ranked sixth in the country. The instructor, Sun Fei ,also won the Outstanding Instructor title in the competition, the second time she has won this title after winning it in 2015 when she coached You Shunyan to win the first prize in the same segment for that year. Cheng Xiaoshi, under the guidance of Ye Xueyong, Director of Huaqiang School’s Animation Department, also won the first prize in this segment. After having successively attained the top placings in these competitions, the technology of digital film and television post-production department has become one of the school’s key advantage, and the prizes are a reflection of the school’s excellent teaching and performance in this domain.

    3.Young Gold Medal Instructors Shine

  In 2016, seven teachers were instrumental in Huaqiang School’s six gold medals haul, and these include Li Xiaowen, Li Yongjian, Zhou Jin, Chen Shuang, Xu Bimei, Yao Yadi, and Sun Fei. They are young teachers under 30 years old. Li Xiaowen, Zhou Jin, Sun Fei, Xu Bimei, Yao Yadi, Chen Shuang have all coached students twice to win the gold medals in the competition, and have also won the Outstanding Instructor title in the competition twice.

  “I am so glad that young teachers can play an important role in these competitions and attained fantastic results”, said Zhou Yuenan, the Principal, “it proves that Huaqiang School is very successful in developing its teaching staff with its five-level training program that gave the teachers exposure and let them gain experience at school, city, province, country, and international levels. This is the most credible testimony for Huaqiang School’s sustainable development.” (Written by Li Sanping, photographed by Song Xiao)