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Huanggang Middle School Crowned Champion in the Shenzhen Youth Robot Competition



  On April 16, a grand robot event for the youths – the 15th Shenzhen Youth Robot Competition ( “robot competition”) was held at Huanggang Middle School in Futian district. The competition attracted 58 teams from primary and secondary schools in the city. The team led by Li Mao from Huanggang Middle School scored a landslide victory in the junior secondary division of the VEX Robot Competition, and this team will represent Shenzhen City in the 2016 Guangdong Province Robot Competition.

  This robot competition was jointly hosted by the Association of Science and Technology, the Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Party Committee of the Youth League, and organized by the Municipal Youth Science and Technology Education Association and the Futian District Education Bureau, and co-organized by the Futian District Youth Science and Technology Association and Huanggang Middle School. It is a national robot-themed event targeting the city’s youths and the competition for primary and secondary schools is considered the largest in terms of scale for Shenzhen municipal government. In the competition, participants from Huanggang Middle School used their adept operational skills in robots, superb programming, unique robot design and excellent adaptive on-site controls to defeat their opponents and win a landslide victory in the junior secondary school division of the VEX Robot Competition.

  Fan Kun, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, Luo Xiaoling, Secretary-general of the Municipal Education Development Foundation, Zeng Meifang, President of Municipal Science and Technology Association, Chen Wei, Director of the Science and Technology Center of Futian District’s Institute of Education Science, and Chen Qihong, Principal of Huanggang Middle School attended the closing ceremony and presented the awards to the winners. Fan Kun accorded recognition to Huanggang Middle School for its outstanding achievements in science and technology education, and presented Huanggang Middle School the “Excellent Organization Award”. Chen Qihong, the Principal, received the award on behalf of the school.

  Huanggang Middle School from Futian district has been known to have a keen focus on the comprehensive development of its students, and the school has established more than 30 student clubs and 28 school-based curriculum. The school is becoming more and more popular with students and parents. In recent years, the school listed the Robot Science and Technology Education as a special course and set up the school robot maker team and robot studio that are staffed by full-time teachers and equipped with research and development teaching materials. With that, the school has created a relatively comprehensive curriculum for education in robotics. Presently, a universal education in robots has been fully implemented in Huanggang Middle School.

  In ten years, the school’s robot team has made great strides in youth robot competitions at different regional levels ranging from city, province, country and even international levels, and has won about 70 awards in these competitions. In May 2016, Huanggang Middle School applied for it specialized robot studio to be the “Maker Practice Studio for Primary and Secondary Schools in Shenzhen” and successfully received the approval. The school-based curriculum for the Robot Maker Education developed by the school itself won the first prize in the Third Futian District Education Scientific Research Results Competition, and was acknowledged as an “Excellent Curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools in Shenzhen City”.

  According to the Principal, as the “Experimental (Base) School of the Institute of Education Science in Futian District”, Huanggang Middle School will continue to leverage on resources from the Education Think Tank of the Institute to facilitate the school’s development. At present, with the “4.30 activities” and “extracurricular activities” platforms, Huanggang Middle School has full access to and can utilize resources both within and outside its campus to provide its students with an extracurricular learning platform that offers a wide selection for students even as it includes a fundamental and up-to-date curriculum, so as to cultivate innovative talents that can take on the world’s challenges to strive forward today and in future.

  The excellent performance of the robot team from Huanggang Middle School in the Shenzhen Youth Robot Competition has once again demonstrated the quality of education in scientific and technological innovation in Futian district, and highlighted the school’s strengths and achievements in science and technology education. (Yan Huimin)