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Amazing Futian Student Joined the National Team and Was Invited to Visit UN Headquarters




  Now here is a piece of wonderful news! A student from Futian District Foreign Language Senior Secondary School won the only grand award in the Simulated United Nations Summit Debate (China Division).

  Shi Xiao, a student from Class One, Grade One of Futian District Foreign Language Senior Secondary School, participated in the qualification rounds for the Hong Kong-hosted 2015-2016 World Students Simulated United Nations Summit Debate (China Division) and the National Finals of Cambridge International Youth Spoken English Competition. Shi beat other opponents, and performed well enough to win the only grand award in the senior secondary school division, and will join the national team. Shi will go to New York, the United States at the end of July to participate in the finals. Shi will be provided the plane tickets for travel to and from the U.S. and has been invited to visit the General Headquarters of the United Nations.

  About the competition

  In order to promote English education among the Chinese youths, boost English learning and communication among students from various cities and improve the teenagers’ abilities in using the English language with modern education and teaching technologies, the 2015-2016 World Students Simulated United Nations Summit Debate (China Division) and the National Finals of Cambridge International Youth Spoken English Competition was jointly sponsored and held by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Peace Center, American East-West Cultural Organization, US-China Cultural and Educational Exchanges, Cambridge International Language Research Center, China Youth and Basic Education Research Center and Hong Kong Institute of International Culture, Arts English Proficiency Promotion Association and other renowned academic organizations. This event is an international competition and offers exchanges in English, and was formally launched in September 2015.

  This English competition aims to make use of the English teaching syllabus to allow students to comprehensively develop their English proficiency and stimulate their interest in learning the language. The competition encourages students who have good English proficiencies to exert their confidence, enthusiasm and creativity by competing in the competition so as to improve their ability in using the language and to raise the standard of English to a higher level. Students often experience an improvement in their English proficiency after they have gone through this interesting and motivating competition, and the competition provides a gateway for teenagers to step out of their campus and country to connect with the world.

  “Communication” is the key in English learning and “usage” is the goal. Learners can only truly learn the language when they are immersed in an English-speaking environment. They can grasp the pronunciation, expand their vocabulary, learn about sentence patterns, the ways of thinking in a foreign culture, when they are in an English-speaking environment. Only by doing so, can the students really master the use of the language.

  Effective English listening, speaking and usage can make English learning more interesting and vivacious. The tight connections provided by the “new curriculum standards” has narrowed the gap between English teaching and English learning. Teenagers’ interest in learning English is stimulated by effectively integrating modern teaching technologies with the learning of disciplines, such as organizing English competitions related to new courseware and promoting a series of interactive, cooperative and spoken language-style activities like “Interactive English-dubbing for Movies”, “Learning English through Drama” and “Simulated United Nations Summit Debate”, in campus of schools at all levels. By leveraging on these competitions and activities, a communication platform for young people has been established that will help students understand the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, expand their horizons, cultivate international awareness, develop individuality and their appreciation of society and culture.