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Hongling Middle School’s Aerobics Team Performed Well in the National Student Cheerleading Championships



  Recently, the aerobics team from Hongling Middle School won the first prize in the Fuzhou 2015 National Student Cheerleaders Championships, a third prize and a second prize in the team event of the cheerleading routine competition in the junior secondary school division.

  As the national cheerleading competition, this competition attracted more than 90 teams from across the country with most of the participants having been specifically recruited for their extraordinary talents. Although the cheerleading team from Hongling Middle School were just ordinary students without any special prior training, their enthusiasm for the sport propelled them to use their spare time for more practices in order to train hard to be stronger and hone their skills, as well as steel their determination to move forward despite the challenges they faced. The team worked hard and performed well to finally achieve these remarkable results. The honor truly belongs to all 28 team members, whose hard work has burnished the golden trophy to make it shinier. I hope they can persist in their efforts and belief to continue to shine in their studies and life.